Pet Blessing

St. John’s Annual Blessing of the Animals 2016

All Creatures Great And Small

On July 3 the St. John’s deck was full of fur and fun for the annual summer Blessing of the Animals! The dog show usually held across the street that weekend had moved to another town but we had a crew of critters come for the blessing from church families,  the neighborhood and visitors to the area. Borrowed dogs came, kitty photos were blessed , St. Francis medallions were put on collars and there was joy all around.

One very large dog arrived ( pretty sure it was a mutt…) and was able to stand on all fours and hand out treats for a a while. After it left, our senior warden appeared, imagine that!?!

The sweet swallow nest under the eaves got a blessing, as did a beautiful little lamb who was the designated ambassador from Marilyn’s farm.

? All Things Wise and Wonderful, The Lord God Made Them All! ? Blessings, Rev. Mary+  Mary Piper

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Mr. Webb- aka “The Dog Whisperer”
2016 Pet blessing

Pet blessing denise 2016

Rev. Mary Piper blessing the pets on July 3 2016
Rev. Mary Piper blessing the pets on July 3 2016


“St. John’s Annual Blessing of the Animals 2015”
In one of the truly happy moments at St John’s, 46 dogs and one new lamb were blessed on 4th of July. In addition, animal neighbors of Lori Holton were blessed in absentia (a flock of turkeys, twin fauns, a doe, raccoon, lamb and a bat).  Sonny, Cher, Becket, Dinah, Porter, Eve, Tye, Brookie, Ellie, Alvin, Stella, Charlie, Otis, Trouble, Noelle, Jasmine, Petie, Riddle, Echo, Quincy, Willow, Amore, Sassie, Turbo, Tess, Wilson, Rocky, Bianca, Shooter, Abby, Ollie, Gabrielle, Lola, Buddy, Bailey, Maya, Crystal, Emmy Lou, Patton, Peanut, Laney, Molly, Abby (#2), Lacey, “RV”, Sugar, Cammy and Lori’s friends received this blessing using their name:  “N, you are created in the dignity and heart of God. A blessing be yours for life, health, and safety, and lots of love from your owner. Amen”
We will observe Blessing of Pets again in the Fall near the Feast of St Francis, and may have another inspiring visit then from Madame Poodelle.  Fr Roy