Liturgical Ministries



       Those who serve as Liturgical Ministers make sure worship is rich and meaningful from beginning to end.  There are several ways to serve in this capacity!

Lay Eucharistic Ministers 
       The role of our LEMs is to assist at the altar.  Their work is one of the most meaningful tasks in the life of the church.  They are especially trained, and they are licensed by the diocese for this work.  During Eucharist, they participate in the distribution of the sacrament with the priest, bearing the chalice.  They process carrying Christ’s Cross.  

       Intercessors lead in people in the formal Prayers of the People during each service.  They stand in the middle of the church and use specific prayers from the Book of Common Prayer for the Church, the world, those in need and those who have died.

Ushers and Greeters
        Ushers and Greeters welcome people into the church and make sure everyone has a bulletin.  They assist during communion by bringing the Eucharistic elements forward during the Offertory.  They are the face of St. John on Sunday morning, welcoming both visitors and members of the Parish at the door.  They also collect the Offering and function as ushers at the Eucharist by directing people to the Altar in a steady flow.  

Lay Readers
      Lectors read the scripture passages that are assigned each week through the Revised Common Lectionary.  The Common Lectionary is a schedule of Old Testament scripture, New Testament scripture and a Psalm, and most mainline churches use the same scripture so that it is “common” to all.  The readings follow a three year cycle.  The Gospel readings are also assigned, but they are read by the priest or deacon from the center aisle in the midst of the people.