All things come of thee, O Lord, and of thine own have we given thee.

The earliest Christians were asked by the apostles to give when they could to take care of the widows and orphans among their number, and this formed the foundation of giving coupled with the biblical concept of tithing or giving ten percent of what one has received.

Most Christians give a percentage of their income to the church realizing that the lights must stay on, water must flow, there needs to be heat and we need to take care of our building and grounds.  But these practicalities are just a portion of what it takes to keep ministries healthy and the church and properties thriving.

Some are able to tithe ten percent while others work toward that goal increasing their pledge each year.  At St. John we use a program called “New Consecration” each fall.  Our stewardship program is not budget related, and is faith based.  Members are asked to prayerfully consider what God might be calling them to give.

We believe that God does provide what we need to stay vital and carry out God’s mission in the community and in the world.  And it works amazingly well if we are willing to do what we can and trust the Lord.  It turns out that giving is really a spiritual gift.  We find that the more we give to the church, the more we are blessed.